Let’s see how this goes

I got some things I gots ta say in this joint

My professional website has a blog, but that’s mostly for self-promotion and, let’s be honest here, link-bait for the search engines. All the other lawyers are doing it, so I have to try to keep up. But I don’t necessarily want to restrict my blogging to legal matters and client-enticing anecdotes because down that road lies madness.

I have several domains just sitting around gathering dust. I’ve blogged at several before, including The Centre Gourmand and My Political Hat, and I may eventually resume one or both of those blogs again. (Ideally, I’d migrate their content to one site, but I lack the time, energy, and skills to do that.) I’ve also blogged at this domain, JPMiller.net, in the past. So I’m resurrecting it. The old blog is still there in the subdirectory, but this one “runs as root,” so to speak.

I may stick with it; I may not. Who knows? The past few months have seen several significant changes, personal and professional, so maybe this one has a shot.

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