Endorsement – Casey McClain for Magisterial District Judge

Casey McClain was one of the first attorneys I met upon returning to  Bellefonte in 2007. I began my legal career as a law clerk to the Hon. Charles C. Brown, Jr. in October of that year. Fresh out of law school, with very little courtroom experience to speak of, I looked around for role models. From the beginning, I was impressed by Attorney McClain’s work. He was always prepared for court. I’ve never seen him raise his voice to a client, the court, or opposing counsel. In spite of his years as an Assistant Public Defender, he still believes in justice when so many have become jaded by experience with the judicial system.

This is not to say McClain is a push-over. Far from it! He is one of the toughest, fair-minded, thoughtful attorneys I know.

I got to know Casey better when I joined the Public Defender office myself in 2010. It was there that I saw his compassionate nature. He truly cares about his clients, the public good, and his responsibilities as an attorney and member of our community. He will bring this same deliberate, thoughtful process to his work as Magisterial District Judge.

I know several of the other candidates for Magisterial District Judge. None of them compare to Casey McClain in experience, qualification, compassion, or ability. Casey McClain embodies what we should all strive to be as attorneys. These same qualities are what we should also want in a judge.

I am therefore endorsing Casey McClain for Magisterial District Judge.

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