Election Thoughts

Some election thoughts as we head into the final weekend before Election Day:

  1. The best GOTV tool Democrats have is for a Trump-is-surging narrative to take hold in the final weekend. My fear for weeks has been complacent Democrats and independents staying home because enough “someone elses” will vote. Democracy is not a spectator sport; think rugby.
  2. Local media here in the PA hinterlands are so pro-Trump it is gross. WTAJ-TV & CDT, I’m looking at you fools/tools. My Internet is full of these poorly written, thinly sources stories with breathless headlines. We all know your audience, and you pander so well, but would it kill you to Do Better at Journalism? (Actually, it probably would. I’ve seen your numbers…)
  3. Pearl-clutching because someone was mean to you on the Internet doesn’t win arguments. See the last sentence in #1, above.

That’s all I have for now. Feel free to follow me on Facebook. I’m told my public feed is “pretty great.”

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