A Parking Garage in Bellefonte?

Dare to dream, my friends!

Borough manager Ralph Stewart: it’s possible the town will see a two- to three-floor parking garage project near the Waffle Shop on Bishop Street in the next five years.

Borough residents and visitors alike have been saying this is needed for as long as I can remember. I suggest the borough partner with the county government to operate the garage since most of the parking problems in town, at least during the week, are caused by court-related business.

Additionally, make parking permits available to those of us who live or work in town so we can park in the garage or anywhere else without feeding a meter. Considering that, at a minimum, it costs $130/year to park in one of the ten-hour red meter spots (5 days a week), something in the range of $250-$300 would be fair to me. (I’d likely pay whatever they charged if it means I don’t need a bunch of quarters rattling around in my car.)

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  1. It’s so cute how $300/year is a reasonable price for parking there. 🙂

    I’m paying $225/month just to park at my current apartment building. In Baltimore. 🙂

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